Zeroland (part I)


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"[...] Realizziamo che nella sua crudeltà, frutto di un progettato declivio, sia prevista e contemplata la meraviglia, a pareggiare il deserto, senza il quale la differenza tra colore e prigione non potrebbe che essere inconsistente, in quanto delta naturale e aritmetico tra bello relativo e scabroso relativo, una meraviglia permessa da un'ora d'aria, una valvola che esplode nella sala di rianimazione delle idee, sarebbe colonna sonora, sonetto, credo, moda, pittura, contrasto, fenomeni tutti giudicati fastidiosi dai progettisti di una terra Zero, che poi non esiste sul mappamondo, sia chiaro, essa è il mappamondo stesso, puntualmente in sommossa, generalmente immobile, dove capita che la creazione spezzi la sua obliquità in evento finalmente orizzontale, volto alla speranza, pedonabile un po' da tutti [...]"


released October 14, 2013

"Zeroland (part I)" by GLEAM
recorded between December 2011 and August 2013 at "Il Covo della Conversazione" and at "Black Bananas Studio", Brescia, Italy

Music & Lyrics by GLEAM
Recording & Editing by GLEAM
Recording, Mixing & Mastering by Andrea Gipponi at "Black Bananas Studio"
Lyrics Supervision by Bryan Balduf
Album Cover Picture by MM
Graphics by GLEAM

Thanks for the special support: Andrea Gipponi, Bryan Balduf, Giovanni Raccagni, MM

«To those who don't run away but would want to;
Hoping they will»

© GLEAM 2013. All rights reserved.


all rights reserved




Founded in 2003, from rock/blues influences, today oriented to alternative/indie/prog/pop/electro rock environments.

3 demos ('03-'04-'05)

"Lip and Tremble", dec '05
"Lip and Tremble (Radio Edit)", apr '06
"Lady Psyché and her Heart Mechanix", dec '10
"Happy birthday Guru", apr '12
"Zeroland (part 1)", oct '13

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Track Name: The dance of the blades of grass
anytime wild horses
dance over the waving grass
all the way her inner light
it stirs inside in all its might

dance on, fresh, bright-colored creatures
invisibly winged over brown and green

you were moving like a sexy wind
i stared at your fairy-like blinks
your moves look so natural
now that staring is perpetual
the dance of the blades of grass

months have passed, kings have left
we must start all things again
pure flowers vanished, none’s left here
they all perished into sluts
dance in your unreal uniqueness
you’re the only one flowerish-style

dance, dance, dance, i hear you
dance, dance, dance, i see you
glance, glance, glance, is that your
trance, trance, trance, or real romance, romance
a raw romance with a stout chance to get undressed
and dance undressed and dance undressed and
dance, dance, dance, i hear you
dance, dance, dance, i see you
glance, glance, glance, is that our
raw romance, we’ll dance…
blades of green grass
i’m in first class watching you dance undressed
and dance on these fields of beds
made of grass we smell
Track Name: Iuvenilia
he didn’t mean to push you down
he didn’t mean to push you down
later concrete seeped out red
young scars appeared on your head
he didn’t mean to push you down
and he wasn’t meant to hear that sound
from behind walls all fights seem a bit odd
low frequencies delicately kill
and armors take time to form

it’s nothing
just a fight
it happens all the time
at least when lovers lie
just a couple of cries
when parents say goodbye
doesn’t mean they’ll forget about the child

i swear i'll never lie to you again

now that he's grown
it's a blur, it's a stone
the dim sound of it all
and the lump in the throat
still endure...
then tapping on chinese paths
(his frigid meridians)
that anguishing energy is just cancelled
as easy as that...
thus turned into a movie scene
impassive outsider to it
no more ancient sorrow hides within
and you come talk to me
promoting traditional psychology?
Track Name: Borealis temptation
your antidemocratic approach to a backyard feast
pointing class out with implicit twirls of ancient wrists
structured as crystal beams of eloquence
your peers only perceived expressionism spawning
i was enjoying the cold, wet surface of my bottle
relentlessly closer to her grassy death
as it slipped out of my hand
my niceties trapped in a mid-west sky
lame witness of chatters, drunk guys, a hi-fi…
while one character of the play stood out,
and that was,

very tempting
but i’ve got to go
though i had a crush on you
i had a spell on you
“you should have tried”
Track Name: Space express
last train
last day
that sort of pain you just did not deserve
on your last day
some way…
we’ll share ancient laughters
with angels or devils
rush upon alleys of ethereal rhythm
we knew your song when you were already gone

just hold tight man
you’re on space express
enjoy your trip
there’s no end to it

just count your steps
just breathe this air
just feel you’re not that different
and just count…
and tell me what you want

you'll wake and experience space
you will know no obsession
discover raw passions
i picture you dancing on comets
where tensions easily stride away
and leave no room for pain
your way, you'll fly away
Rigel will scare you
as your own companions hand in hand have a toast
and then odysseys follow in indie dimensions
where new victories will undo stalled conventions
meanwhile some grieve while others crouch deep
Track Name: Never really gone
when you return i will
stop casting these cruelties at you
just flashes in my head
all features of you i have left

memories are mine
as well as they are yours forever, mine forever
can’t think of someone else
to relive moments of our private past

that’s where you stand
amongst all life’s good things
that’s where you’ll land
once you find your wings are wide enough
your wings are wide enough
your warmth still by my side, where
memories are mine and yours forever
memories are yours and mine forever

twenty years ago…
twenty years ago!
you’re never really gone
(hey! stay!)