Lady Psyché and her Heart Mechanix


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Berber dance 05:44
Berber dance So I crumbled off on an old worn mattress Seven beds arranged in square in the center, mostly anything including fire, picks, liquorice cautious first, slowly confident we paced our way through a desert night The best of us ventured into gurgling teas Others strolled, Dave Pàiza, me, Got this picture in mind: Bred’of, the moonlight, The artist’s head is where the rays collide I think OJ took it, yes he did Complaining he had no tripod with him Later came a young man Floating in a Berber dress Made us stand, made us dance Made us Berbers just like that And then the tune came at last Sort of drawn out from that hopeless land I will take you to the end of Africa We’ll walk the past and live again our old dear path Uncontrolled Psyché told us principles of Heart Mechanix Our unleashed Lady made us study some Heart Mechanix we got off the main road pushed our horses in the sand Dave Pàiza knew no rest, only then recognized a slight hazard happened to be alone in the dark all the seven of us in the last desert before Atlantic obscurity Silence had it coming Ceppia stuck his leg in an ashtray Or was it OJ? Nevermind, Anyway, they had a brief fight Discharged hygienic precautions Fragments of chatter by moonlight motions Mr. Nelly Hassan Power Including smelly reflections Played a starving character grandly fit in that cold theatre I just know what he once told This is where he wanted to go Morocco Laying still, there’s Pàiza B He’s even too tired to feel Shìssa smoke and cheap guitar He’s judging art under the stars We shared the dirt, the stink, the sand And again that Berber dance He’s the right one to follow the dream the calm one with beer and TV He was with me when surrounded by kids Trained to ask endlessly Dave Pàiza and I locked in our car outside unripe tiny forgotten stars Both the things we might have done, would have turned to be clearly wrong not that I think that our aims were noble there were times we almost got in trouble so we dashed away and called the guys they were handing out medicines and probably, some merciful lies
Feeling lazy 04:04
Feeling lazy Once you just walked away First thing I did was oddly feel lazy Did nothing but complain About what was on TV that day Radio stations, you don’t know what you do Disco sensations, all that you see is true Radio stations, all that she hears is good Sexy by nature, she always knew the rules The rules of the dance floor, authentic and pure It’s like on vacation, but summer’s now gone Girls of the dance floor, there’s nothing to stand for Cocktail vibrations, yeah, masks over nature Old music died The lion’s extinct, babe Zero ambitions, all girls count with you A junkie vibration, all girls count but you You said you wouldn’t leave But once again your schemes They all turned into something You couldn’t foresee You said you’d stay with me But once again your dreams Drew you on your knees on Sunset hills And then you realized how life is mean Drew you on your knees on Sunset hills And suddenly merged into your fears “This is private property… But there’s no problem if you take a pic” Once you girl walked away All I did was act pretty lazy Did nothing but get laid By my own dazed songs, my own dazed songs Every time she goes away All I do is just feel oddly lazy A rapid rush of nails? Did we say “no more games”?
Out of sync 04:47
Out of sync First I saw you it was in your world of ghosts Then you turned into something like a clone Of what I tried to be You’re like me Flowers grew on the streets you strolled Everyone remembers that in Tokyo You were me A new way of me Once again you’re in that TV Though this time you’re out of sync It feels like I’ve known you forever Once again I miss you so If you knew him you may call him “Disappointment” If you knew me you may name me “Entertainment” But once you’ve known me you just can’t get rid of me While he would guard your own steps to every single scene coz you’re part of me A braver shade of mean No, I didn’t mean to bother you No, I didn’t mean to interrupt No, I didn’t mean to wake you up Once again you’re somewhere else babe Wearing old fashioned veils If I could, I’d search you out babe I just hope it’s not too late
Blond Purslane Blond Purslane You were taken far away I dislike your ways, but you Never give up, no you never give up I know nothing can take your mind off Playing glamorous and hunting love Dreams were fulfilled too soon Too soon to be real, too soon to look clear I wish you were near By this pain that I feel You could heal it my dear If you just came near And I, I’m coming over baby And we’ll, we will be friends maybe In a dream you yelled at me You were made to live rich Hey Purslane, by the wind You were blown, away from New York You’re akin to a god-like clue Though your hangovers and your solitudes I would take you to a higher plain Where we can take our revenge For all the things that we left behind And now it’s my turn to cry Now it’s my turn to cry Now it’s my turn to cry I know, maybe next time How I’d love to see you dance Country style, I just can’t Day after I’d ring the bell “Sorry, she’s not in, man She’s always smiling elsewhere I know, I know, This is your only chance” You cast your fame straight west In L.A., everyone gets sexier But with a plastic stance I preferred you the way you were Though now you sure look grand
Arrogance 03:51
Arrogance How I wish I could ruin your life And you won’t be able to run Crazy images, sparkles of bloody cries One day I’ll slay your arrogance for fun I am the one to put out the fire I am the good one to put out your arrogance Hey chief Don’t interrupt my speech You and I We don’t share the same breed You can kill but you can’t sing Hold your tongue None of this makes my own creed Thank God I don’t have a gun Thank God I don’t have a gun And tonight the one that pays is your arrogance When you’re up there saluting God You won’t be high and mighty my lord You will be like anyone else You will die like anyone else Red, red, I know you won’t look back It’s just game over my friend But at least there’s one big difference You’ll turn to ashes and many will be glad Run, run authority run Revolution, rebels and guns I’m the right one to put out the fire I’m the right one to put out your arrogance Run, run authority run Revolution, rebels and guns!
Frantic touches, lucid dreams And now it seems as though we’re lost Elsewhere I know it sure would work As a cigarette glows in the dark of a confidence scented night A warm voice begins to read her lines I’m with a smart guy and his girlfriends There’s a student dinner going on here Afterwards someone says it’s theatre time But I’d rather walk the Broadway lights So crowded with shadows, so crowded with lights It’s a lively night With plenty of lights and real stars don’t make it to shine New York is all I ever needed to feel free Populations, blobs of colours, frantic touches, lucid dreams And now my vision merges into something indefinable My own mind sight enriched by mellow brush-strokes, mystic hints There’s a jazz guitarist He fakes a smile as my last coin flies We all walk alone at night Down empty streets, everything just right We feel good like this Nothing else but a delayed heart beat As the sound of unsullied guitars As the smell of a late March which is…
Sugarless 04:56
Sugarless Why you’re gonna be sad I don’t know Riddle out the dream I had Oh dressed up world Ride out the storm I left a month ago Su, maybe I’m lost or I’ve lost The maze grows strictly on It teems with metaphors Oh, why so sugarless? What u gonna do about it? Never will I live the dream Never will we bear the dim Though I shiver wearing thee Never will you set me free See polluted towns below Clueless girlfriend stands alone We don’t know just where to go We don’t know just where to go Now tell me how you made it here There was a chance it would be real You blew it, sure it’s time for fear Will you be my heart engineer? Now tell me will you live your dream Why can’t you just say it won’t heal I was the letter, you’re the seal And you left on fancy Porsche wheels Why can’t it just unveil its role? Guess cause it’d have to stay untold But when big news came, you’re simply gone And when you got back, all news was about black gold Though my moon beautiful you are Please, turn yourself off now Your light conceals the stars Sugarless, how are you? Sugarless, what do you do? Sugarless, who are you leaning on?
Souls of Africa I am waiting for the souls of Africa To break the chains in all the ways we taught’em how I am searching for the breeze of Africa For I felt it and it’s way warmer than this one I always find out, lots of reasons to complain And as you do, I can’t say, I know pain Here comes a man he’s got something special Ivory Christ makes him look so special I ask him how he can be that special He says he’s waiting for the souls of Africa Passes me by and then he turns theatrical He says he’s waiting for the souls of Africa To teach us how to never despair To show us where all our money’s not I am waiting for the souls of Africa To embrace their weapons, smiles like arrows, to our hearts To laugh at us their diseases just like darts That’s why maybe, I’m ashamed of all we haven’t done I am waiting for the souls of Africa To show the world in whose hands all the power is It’s in the wrong hands, in the wrong hands, in too strong hands As it is for the mock help the West gives them
Awful voter 03:45
Awful Voter Anyone as I count the stars Could maybe explain if they’ll ever pay By now I should know How the world goes, daddy said that Wonder if I should stop counting the stars And maybe wake up and just start to run By now you should quit calling me “awful voter” By now you should know your dear gal is voting for the wrong side Is there anyone that you could love? Is there anything beside the oil? As you rule the world they’ll always starve Will you ever pay for what you’ve done? Baby, baby, start the countdown Baby, baby, start to calm down Everything in the way you talk to me Has nothing to do with what you’ll have to soon choose That’s because I’m Only tryin’ to fly down, babe That’s because you’re Only tryin’ to get laid, babe By now you’ll have to choose Between stupid and more stupid That’s because we’ve Always been “awful voters” By now politics Should just leave everything to me Lay down baby I really wanna get you home
Twentynine Palms Passed a dry lake and a drug store There was nothing, just dead rocks and our songs Down 66, we paced our days Last night on Mars, before L.A. We, were aliens We were staying in 29 palms At night we had a long talk with Joshua Drinks walked in along with smokes and young stars Never heard before of 29 palms Escaped from Indian desperate vastness When in Bluff, we caught our breath And, just danced Creepy stars howling warning solos Silent band mate confidence Night music, by our van Maybe I should start with something never written or maybe I should part with someone as old as love Some songs are never meant to get to the radio Is this the simple song you want? I'm afraid it's not Is this a radio song? A short piece for a summer separation? We sat on rocks talked 'bout more and more mysteries Pol was surprised by Joshua's whispers and then we talked Final set for our trip aware of having fulfilled the dream, we had I was tense but being there helped me stand After Zool’s place’s jamming sessions Alan Haynes and before Juliette’s birth Katie and friends stopped by our gross motel



released December 12, 2010

"Lady Psyché and her Heart Mechanix" by GLEAM
recorded between March 2010 and October 2010 at Black Bananas Studio, Brescia, Italy

Music by GLEAM
Drums performed by Andrea Perini
Drums composed by Andrea Perini with Andrea Gipponi and GLEAM
Lyrics, Keyboards, Pictures, Graphics by Andrea Salerni
Recording, Editing, Mixing, Mastering by Andrea Gipponi at Black Bananas Studio
Lyrics Supervision by Bryan Balduf

GLEAM 2010. All rights reserved.


all rights reserved




Founded in 2003, from rock/blues influences, today oriented to alternative/indie/prog/pop/electro rock environments.

3 demos ('03-'04-'05)

"Lip and Tremble", dec '05
"Lip and Tremble (Radio Edit)", apr '06
"Lady Psyché and her Heart Mechanix", dec '10
"Happy birthday Guru", apr '12
"Zeroland (part 1)", oct '13

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