Frantic touches, lucid dreams

from Lady Psyché and her Heart Mechanix by GLEAM



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Frantic touches, lucid dreams

And now it seems as though we’re lost
Elsewhere I know it sure would work
As a cigarette glows in the dark of a confidence scented night
A warm voice begins to read her lines

I’m with a smart guy and his girlfriends
There’s a student dinner going on here
Afterwards someone says it’s theatre time
But I’d rather walk the Broadway lights
So crowded with shadows, so crowded with lights

It’s a lively night
With plenty of lights
and real stars don’t make it to shine

New York is all I ever needed to feel free
Populations, blobs of colours, frantic touches, lucid dreams
And now my vision merges into something indefinable
My own mind sight enriched by mellow brush-strokes, mystic hints

There’s a jazz guitarist
He fakes a smile as my last coin flies
We all walk alone at night
Down empty streets, everything just right
We feel good like this
Nothing else but a delayed heart beat
As the sound of unsullied guitars
As the smell of a late March which is…


from Lady Psyché and her Heart Mechanix, released December 12, 2010


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Founded in 2003, from rock/blues influences, today oriented to alternative/indie/prog/pop/electro rock environments.

3 demos ('03-'04-'05)

"Lip and Tremble", dec '05
"Lip and Tremble (Radio Edit)", apr '06
"Lady Psyché and her Heart Mechanix", dec '10
"Happy birthday Guru", apr '12
"Zeroland (part 1)", oct '13

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