Out of sync

First I saw you it was in your world of ghosts
Then you turned into something like a clone
Of what I tried to be
You’re like me

Flowers grew on the streets you strolled
Everyone remembers that in Tokyo
You were me
A new way of me

Once again you’re in that TV
Though this time you’re out of sync
It feels like I’ve known you forever
Once again I miss you so

If you knew him you may call him “Disappointment”
If you knew me you may name me “Entertainment”
But once you’ve known me you just can’t get rid of me
While he would guard your own steps to every single scene
coz you’re part of me
A braver shade of mean

No, I didn’t mean to bother you
No, I didn’t mean to interrupt
No, I didn’t mean to wake you up

Once again you’re somewhere else babe
Wearing old fashioned veils
If I could, I’d search you out babe
I just hope it’s not too late


from Lady Psyché and her Heart Mechanix, released December 12, 2010


all rights reserved




Founded in 2003, from rock/blues influences, today oriented to alternative/indie/prog/pop/electro rock environments.

3 demos ('03-'04-'05)

"Lip and Tremble", dec '05
"Lip and Tremble (Radio Edit)", apr '06
"Lady Psyché and her Heart Mechanix", dec '10
"Happy birthday Guru", apr '12
"Zeroland (part 1)", oct '13

Full Bio: www.gleamstation.com/p/bio_1071.html
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